Sharon Bird on TAFE

"Equipping our young people with the skills and qualifications needed to take on the high skilled, high paying jobs of the future has been an area of particular interest." 
Sharon advocates for better marketing standards for training providers: “This issue has been raised with me a number of times when I was Parliamentary Secretary and Minister for Higher Education and Training and I welcome the release of the findings of the report,” Sharon Bird said.“It is of serious concern that such a high percentage of colleges were identified as having problems with marketing and promotion practices.”
“While ASQA’s report indicates that a percentage of these breaches could be minor, the size of the problem means that these issues need serious attention and action in order for students and employers to be reassured about the quality of training provided and to have confidence in the industry,” Sharon Bird said.“I urge the Government to seriously consider ASQA’s report and the recommendations contained within as soon as possible and I look forward to the Minister’s early response to this report,” Sharon Bird concluded.

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